Restaurant Week Menu Update: Poste

This pre-RW time (Restaurant Week Eve Week?) is as good a time as any to contemplate the thrifty aspects of RW. After all, 80% of the posts on this here blog have revolved around next week’s festivities. This morning, as you might remember, we decided that Cafe Atlantico wasn’t worth the RW hassle – strike one for my thriftiness credibility; credibility that has already been eroded to the point where Mom t/e said when describing the blog, “So you just write about what you want, and then trust that we believe that you are poor, so that you know about thriftiness, I guess.”

We continue out look at value of Restaurant Week with a look at another restaurant your editor will be patronizing: Poste, which the Washingtonian describes as a good spot for “diners looking for good, creative cooking without getting too dressed up or reaching too deep into their wallets.” Has your editor made the same mistake twice? Find out after the jump.

As always, RW week menus come from DC Foodies and Best Bites.


Arugula salad                                                                                                  $10.00
Basil, mint, figs, parmesan, and aged-sherry vinaigrette
French onion soup with comté cheese                                                            $11.00
Heirloom tomato gazpacho                                                                             $12.00
Dijon-mustard ice cream and bush basil


Pan-roasted chicken                                                                                        $26.00
Escarole, tomatoes, garlic confit, and house-made sausage
Crispy-skin wild striped bass                                                                          $26.00
Champ potatoes, red-wine-poached egg, and caper beurre noisette
Sheep’s-milk-ricotta-and-nettle ravioli                                                           $23.00
Arugula and parmesan


Chocolate pot de créme                                                                                  $9.50
Espresso, chili, milk jam, and fresh cream
Blueberry shortcake                                                                                        $9.50
Brown-sugar ice cream

For those of you scoring at home, a non-Restaurant Week meal at Poste – ordering the same food as the RW menu of course – would run you $42.50 at the bottom end (Arugula, Ravioli, dessert) and $47.50 (gazpacho, chicken or bass, dessert) at the top end. So in the end, diners confront the same kind of savings (or lack thereof) as they might at Cafe Atlantico. So should I write off Poste as well, and cash out the last of my fast diminishing thriftiness street cred? Not so fast…

Poste has several advantages over Cafe Atlantico, however: first, included on the RW menu are such favorites as pan roasted chicken – “one of the best birds in town” – and crispy-skinned sea bass (though you miss out on what sounds to me like the best dish on the menu, an olive oil poached halibut). Secondly, Poste looks to be including several dishes that are not on its regular menu: the heirloom tomato gazpacho, the sheep’s milk ricotta and nettle ravioli (forgive my ignorance: was this a former menu item? It received favorable mention in Tom Seitsima’s 2005 WaPo review, is all) and the blueberry shortcake. Note: because these three dishes are not on the menu, the price range above involves a little guesswork; similar menu items (e.g. green gazpacho and polenta ravioli) provided a guide – maybe you’d be saving more than you think!

So the prices might be comparable to Cafe Atlantico, but there are some advantages – and not just for the salvation of your editor’s pride. This time, at least value-wise, I won’t make the same mistake twice. **crosses fingers**


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