Summer Drinking: Rickeys are SO HOT Right Now

You might have noticed around these here internets that the Gin Rickey is getting quite healthy praise. In fact, July was “Rickey Month,” an event which culminated in a Rickey mixology competition at Bourboun this past Monday night. Your editor was unfortunately unable to give a first hand report, as he was busy sleeping on the couch at the t/e McMansion. This local praise is well deserved: the Rickey is a wonderful summer drink, competing nightly with the Gin & Tonic for post-work patio refreshment at the manse. Also, evidently it’s DC’s native drink: according to an article in today’s WaPo, it was invented by a former Colonel in the Confederate Army who then became a powerful DC lobbyist. Too bad such a good thing must have such a sordid background. [WaPo]

A side note: a Good Friend of the Blog (let’s call her GFotB for short) makes a fantastic Rickey using the basil she grows in a window box and fresh cucumber. Sometime I’ll get her to describe it for us. A sidenote to this sidenote: GFotB also writes limericks describing DC news events; they’re posted at DistrictLimerick. They have nothing to do with food, but she gets a lot more hits a day than I do, so I’m hoping to drum up some business here. – Ed.


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