Blog Round-Up: 8/10

  • Jamie Leeds’ “gastropub” CommonWealth opened in Columbia Hieghts on Wednesday. Combining with the wine bar discussed earlier, Columbia Heights (“Cheights” or “CoHi” if you’re insufferable) has really come up in the world. [Best Bites Blog, metrocurean]
  • The Travel Channel loves DC! First it was Anthony Bourdain, now Sam Brown (Bourdain for those who like the more attractive and less crude end of the correspondent spectrum) visits DC for her “Passport to Great Weekends series. [Apples and Bananas, The Travel Channel]
  • The old Dakota Cowgirl space (14th and N) will have two new tenants: bars ChurchKey and Birch & Barley. Unless “permitting issues” strike again. [14th and You]
  • 25 DC food things to do before Labor Day. I’ve accomplished three so far, and I might catch one or two more; the thriftiness cred, however, would suffer with a few of these. Nonetheless, I envy anyone who catches all 25. Good luck! [Counter Intelligence]

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