Help Me! Dinner in Virginia Beach

Update: I really need your help, people! So I’m reposting this; keep sending in suggestions! Another question: what do people know about One Fish, Two Fish, Mahi-Mahi’s or Aldo’s? Good choices?

Your editor, along with some old college friends, is headed to Virginia Beach this weekend (and next week). We’re not necessarily talking about the most cultured group here, but I’m going to try to drag them to a decent meal or two. Looking specifically for a good place for blue crabs, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Leave them in the comments or email us at: Thanks everyone!


3 responses to “Help Me! Dinner in Virginia Beach

  1. There is a place called the Jewish Mother that comes to mind. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and entertainment. I can’t remember the others I’ve been to, but if I think of them, I’ll send another message, but you can’t go wrong with da mother.

  2. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner!!! Bella Monte is by far the best restaurant in all of Tidewater/Va Beach. I go there without fail when I’m down there.

    They have unbelievable food and live music 5 days a week. Just Steve at the piano singing American Standards: Sinatra, Bennett, etc.

    One of my Top 10 favorite restaurants on earth!

  3. I dont think Jewish Mother is a great place for crabs and Aldos is Italian.

    Heres a list of seafood places in VA Beach.

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