thrifty/epicure 2.0

Some of you might have noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of action around here lately. In fact, some of you sent me a couple of very nice notes about it. Well, I am alive, and not even on vacation. What I have realized however, is that there is just no way to post every day, or even close to every day, on the blog. I just need the time to do other important things, like watch House marathons on USA, or call my friends to complain about my fantasy football team.

I’m sure you are all sorry to hear that. But there are some positives that will come of this. First, I will be resuming posting this week. Also, during this busy time, I’ve been learning about what I see as a great little blogging tool: Twitter. I’m sure some of you know what Twitter is; you can skip this. But for the rest of you, Twitter is a microblogging tool, where each entry can only be 140 characters long. Also, Twitter can be updated from your mobile phone, meaning you never have to be somewhere where the Internets can’t immediately figure out what you are doing with your life. Yay! Anyway, read more here, if you really want to.

What Twitter can do for me, though, is allow me to create instant reactions to the various things I’m doing. And that is what I’m going to do with the blog. I will post entries, which will contain a link to my Twitter profile, where I’ll “liveblog” dinners out, dinners in, food festivals and basically anything else I can think of. Afterward, I’ll post the whole thing on the blog proper. If I don’t think that Twitter has done the event justice, expect a longer post with more considered thoughts.

So, starting this week, here’s what you can expect: one long post, on larger topics or events and one or more liveblogs of various places I’m visitng or foods I’m eating. I’ll try to announce the liveblogs earlier in the day on the blog so that you know what is coming. If you wanted, you could also follow me on Twitter – though I should warn you, not everything I write is about food, or is even vaguely coherent.


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