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The Inaugural Twitter Blog!

Tonight, I’ll be joining some friends at Kanlaya in Chinatown, before heading to a play at the Shakespeare Theater. Be here at 6pm sharp to watch a little Twitter action.


VA Beach Update

A faithful reader (also a coworker – growing the readership beyond people who actually know me in non-blog life proving difficult) writes:

On the VA Beach front:  Mahi Mah’s (no second “i”) is pretty good, though I think its gotten a little tired lately.  When I lived down there (3+ years ago), it was definitely the hot destination on the strip; seems a bit less so these days, but it still has a great ocean view and a large beer/wine selection. Part of my disappointment could be due to the fact that it is grossly overshadowed by the newish Catch 31/Salaccia at the Hilton.  I was down there a few weeks ago and it seemed like everything revolved around C31(which is the bar adjoining the restaurant Salaccia) – in fact it was so packed, my group would have had to wait almost 2 hours for a seat.  Needless to say, I can’t comment on the food.

I saw someone commented on the Jewish Mother — I wouldn’t make it a destination based on food alone, but it’s the perfect place for a post-drinking greasy/carb-heavy breakfast.

That’s about all I’m familiar with on the boardwalk/strip.

Any thoughts, comments, responses?

Entertaining on the Cheap

A little guide from the Dallas Morning News on how to entertain on the cheap. One quibble: they suggest (amongst many alcohol-friendly tips) to skip alcohol entirely. I would suggest the opposite – if everyone is three sheets to the wind, nobody is going to remember to ask if the caprese uses Italian buffalo mozzarella. [Dallas Morning News]

[I must confess I got this from Deb Puchalla, who I follow on twitter and who once linked to my recipe for stuffed zucchini on her blog, thus earning my eternal devotion. –Ed.]

Help Me! Dinner in Virginia Beach

Update: I really need your help, people! So I’m reposting this; keep sending in suggestions! Another question: what do people know about One Fish, Two Fish, Mahi-Mahi’s or Aldo’s? Good choices?

Your editor, along with some old college friends, is headed to Virginia Beach this weekend (and next week). We’re not necessarily talking about the most cultured group here, but I’m going to try to drag them to a decent meal or two. Looking specifically for a good place for blue crabs, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Leave them in the comments or email us at: Thanks everyone!

Restaurant Week is Here!

Yeah, yeah you know. We’ve covered this week pretty exhaustively here.

But if you’re wondering where this blog is eating, I won’t leave you in suspense. Expect reviews from Bistro Bis, Ceiba, Rasika and PS-7s coming in the next 10 days or so. (Remember when we reviewed Cafe Atlantico’s and Poste’s menus because we were headed there? Well those reservations got cancelled. Oh Well.)

Sustainability in the Chesapeake

Take a look at this. A blogger examines the sustainability of the Maryland Blue Crab, staple of District seafood. People don’t always want to think about the provenance of their food, but it is important; the choices you make about what you eat matter. I’ll really start proselytising you folks once I’ve been doing this for a while, but for now, just read, and then take this poll.  [the arugula files]

More Shameless WF Love

Continuing our slavish devotion to convincing people that Whole Foods is a good deal, we present this. It’s called the Whole Foods Whole Deal, and it evidently is a bi-monthly publication showing how to save money, with recipes, cost per serving and ideas for cheap entertaining. A caveat – the options here are a lot closer to Rachel Ray then they are to Daniel Boulud; but Whole Foods espousing value? I’m so shocked its hard to complain. [The Whole Deal]

Man, I should be getting ad revenue for all this shilling I’m doing… -Ed.