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Back from Virginia, and Blogging Up a Storm

Sorry to have such a long break…three things combined to slow my posting progress (but hopefully not my prowess). First: a very long weekend in Virginia Beach. Second: crushing gourmet malaise caused by the tourist-trap eateries of said vacation spot. Finally, and most excitingly, I’m working on a couple of new, exciting things, both for this blog and for my general internet presence.

Keep watching (or reading, as it were) for more.


Weekly Blog Round-Up: 8-3

  • Restaurant Week is coming. You probably knew that already. [DC Foodies, Best Bites Blog, Going Out Gurus]
  • Celebrity chef Michael Mina is opening a restaurant in Georgetown. It’s another Bourbon Steak, joining locations in Detroit, Miami and Scottsdale. Yes, DC has attained Detroit’s level of culinary sophistication. [WaPo via metrocurean]
  • Prince of Petworth asks, “What’s your favorite Mexican/Latino food in town?” Commenters respond with attacks on Lauriol Plaza, attacks on the attackers of Lauriol Plaza. (btw, except for a handful of places mentioned, most of those listed are not that great. Is that a comment on PoP readership, or on the lack of quality in Mexican in town?) [Prince of Petworth]
  • Does your dog lack that that upbeat, “Yum-O” quality you’ve come to expect from your favorite TV chefs? Well, Rachel Ray’s “Nutrish” line of dog food (created for her puppy “Isaboo”) will fix that right up. …I think I just threw up a little. [Apples and Bananas]
  • Asian Spice, the new bistro at 8th St. and H NW, is hiring – but only if you majored in “mixology;” I think that was in the social sciences department. [Penn Quarter Living]

Introducing thrifty/epicure!

Hi there!

Welcome to thrifty/epicure. We’re here to help you find some food, for cheap, while avoiding the McDonald’s route. Frankly, we’re here to help you avoid a lot of things: buying cheap food isn’t the only way to go wrong in this town. Plenty of “meh” up and down the price spectrum, from Lauriol Plaza to Raku (with PLENTY of stops along the way). Also, no cat food. Though we hear Fancy Feast is nice.

If you’re looking for somebody to review the newest, fanciest, hippest places in town, don’t hold your breath. Alternatively, you could send checks. Its not that we don’t want to eat at those places – and we’ll probably try to get in at Restaurant Week – but its not the mission, and frankly, we don’t have the money.

We’re here to find the places you might have missed, the diners, dives and hopefully the diamonds in the rough. We’re here to give you some perspective, to look at food in District in a way you might not have before. Finally, we’re here to bring a little scrutiny to the conventional wisdom on cheap eats around this town. Everyone has their suggestions, but can the big shots big trusted to bring good food to the little guy?

Food, drink, special events. We’ll bring it to you.