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thrifty/epicure at Brightest Young Things!

Check it out, folks! Your humble t/e editor can now be seen at brightestyoungthings.com, writing about food, and generally doing things that are both bright and young (including stuff that is waay outside my general knowledge base).

Check out my first post, on the Zagat guide’s attempt at cheap food rankings for DC, here.


Entertaining on the Cheap

A little guide from the Dallas Morning News on how to entertain on the cheap. One quibble: they suggest (amongst many alcohol-friendly tips) to skip alcohol entirely. I would suggest the opposite – if everyone is three sheets to the wind, nobody is going to remember to ask if the caprese uses Italian buffalo mozzarella. [Dallas Morning News]

[I must confess I got this from Deb Puchalla, who I follow on twitter and who once linked to my recipe for stuffed zucchini on her blog, thus earning my eternal devotion. –Ed.]

Making the Most of Summer Part Deux: Fresh Corn off the Cob

In our last trip to the farmer’s market, your editor focused his energies mostly on heirloom tomatoes – and what tomatoes they were. This weekend, however, we’re taking a closer look at some of the other bounty of summer: sweet corn.

Corn, in general, has a number of things going for it: it’s colorful, nutritious and simple to prepare in a number of ways ( I prefer roasted or grilled, husk on for straight ears). Of course, what that list lacks, at least for much of the year, is taste. This isn’t a surprise; after all, most of the year we’re talking about corn moving through the agribusiness infrastructure in ways that would make a Slow Food-ite barf up their locally sourced organics. But thankfully, for a few months of late summer, corn becomes a local delight, with multiple delicious varieties available everywhere, from farmer’s markets to Safeway.

I’ve seen a number of different varieties of sweet corn around town in the past two weeks; in fact, I bought some about two weeks ago. Unfortunately it was a mess – mealy, with shriveled kernels. I had to cook the hell out of it, and mix it with store bought corn to get a passable dish. I was surprised, frankly. This weekend’s trip to my local farmer’s market, however, would prove completely different. What a difference a few weeks make. This weekend, I bought beautiful bi-color corn at the U st. farmer’s market. I can’t remember the name of the stand, but in the future, there will be copious shout-outs, I promise.

As I mentioned above, I prefer my corn oven roasted (or grilled) in the husk. But this recipe calls for a slightly different presentation: the corn kernels are cut from the cob, then pan roasted in a cast iron skillet. With fresh corn, it’s truly delicious and a truly simple, yet versatile recipe.

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Cheap Cheesecake!

The Cheesecake Factory in Clarendon is offering $1.50 cheesecake tonight. BREAKING: DC food bloggers torn between natural cheapness, scorn for all corporate restaurants. [Apples and Bananas]